A320 Flight and Simulator Training

The final phase will be flight training which consists of fixed base, Full Sim, Loft and low visibility procedures. 


1.         Fixed Base Training

This element of the flight training is intended to familiarise the trainee with the controls and indicators in the simulated cockpit and acquire the necessary understanding and skill to   enter the full flight simulator training. As this training is done in a full flight simulator   without motion, it allows exercising multi-crew aspects in all phases and  circumstances.

Duration of this element is 4 sessions totalling 14 hours.

2.         Full Flight Simulator Training

The flight simulator training covers all procedures and manoeuvres as described in the Standard Airbus A320 Training Syllabus, which have to be completed in a fully dynamic  flight environment. The duration is 7 sessions of 4 hours each, totalling 23 hours. In preparation of each session a 1,5 hours briefing will be conducted. At the end of each session a de-briefing is conducted, including a session review and a preparation for the next  session.

3.         LOFT Test

Trainees are not proposed to take a skill test unless they have demonstrated to the instructor the required knowledge and skill to pass it. Springbok Air Academy will provide to the examiner the trainee records folder, the completed application form and a skill test form for each candidate. The type rating application to the authority needs to be done by the trainees. This LOFT session duration is 4   hours.

4.         Low Visibility Procedures (Optional)

This optional module consists of approximately 3 hours of ground lectures and one 4-hours flight simulator training session. The ground lectures explains the regulations and use of equipment and procedures. The flight simulator training covers take-off and landing operations down to the certified minimum visibility limits.

What we do

The Airbus A320 family of jet airliners consists of five aircraft: the A318, A319, A320, A321 jet airliners and ACJ business jet. Only one type rating is required to fly these Airbus aircraft, as they have similar flight decks. To earn a type rating for these Airbus aircraft requires the completion of a technical course that lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 days depending on your pace. At Springbok A320 Training Centre we strive to make this an experience that will advance your expertise and serve as valuable information throughout your airline pilot career.