A320 Ground Training

Access to the Next phase will only be granted on the successful completion of the Ground Training Phase

1.         Airplane systems

This course element is covered by computer based training; it complies with the requirements of theoretical knowledge instruction and covers systems description and description of operational procedures. The computer based training contains approximately 51 hours of instruction; this is dependent on the student’s performance.

Note: An instructor can be available for support during the CBT portion at additional cost.

2.         Performance

The performance part of the theoretical knowledge is covered by means of stand-up classroom instruction. It will include the explanation of performance tables and charts used for calculations. Included in this section would be the explanation of a Software performance program. The duration of this element is 7 hours. 

3.         ECAM/FMGC practical training

This element is included to enhance the trainee’s understanding and skill concerning the FMGC and ECAM. The duration of this element is included in the PT section of the “flight” training and consists of 4 hours.

4.         SOP’s and  Manoeuvers –  explained

In preparation of the practical training a course element is included which explains the standard operating procedures to be applied. In principle these are the standard Airbus SOPs in use, however customer SOPs can also be applied, if so requested. The duration of this element is 4 hours.

5.         Theoretical  Examination

The theory examination is supervised and consists of two sections. Firstly an open book written test containing 100 multiple choice questions, covering all main subjects in the syllabus. The pass mark for this section is 80%. The duration of the examination is 4 hours, including review. The second examination is an oral SOP, FMCG and ECAM examination conducted by the simulator instructor. The instructor will rate the student either Competent or Not yet Competent.

What we do

The Airbus A320 family of jet airliners consists of five aircraft: the A318, A319, A320, A321 jet airliners and ACJ business jet. Only one type rating is required to fly these Airbus aircraft, as they have similar flight decks. To earn a type rating for these Airbus aircraft requires the completion of a technical course that lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 days depending on your pace. At Springbok A320 Training Centre we strive to make this an experience that will advance your expertise and serve as valuable information throughout your airline pilot career.